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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Reduce Electricity Bill

Category : Tips & Tricks

A study has been done that proves swimming pool pumps are some of the highest electricity consumers of all households. So, by following this guide line and implementing a few minor steps, one is able to stop those units from ticking away like seconds on a stop watch and save some money on your electricity bill each month.

Step 1

There are several ways that you can reduce the cost of your electricity bill in relation to your swimming pool pump. The number one thing to keep in mind is your pump is used to help keep your swimming pool circulating, clean and algae and bacteria free. If you notice a big change in your swimming pool clarity or water balance you may want to double think your actions.

Step 2

One of the first things one needs to look at is how long your pump is running per day. If your pool pump does not have a timer, then install one immediately.

Swimming pool pumps should run an average of 8-hours a day to properly circulate and clean your pool water. The pool pump needs to run long enough to be able to push your entire pools’ water volume through the system within this 8-hour period. It does however sometimes occur that the swimming pool pump is a little overrated for the size of the swimming pool, which means that your pool pump may be pushing your pool water through the system within in a 6-hour period or even less, maybe a 4-hour period. In this case you can then reduce the time you run your swimming pool pump.

A pool timer will help you keep your pool pump running the proper amount of time. Again, check your pool chemical balance if you see a drastic change revert back to the old amount of time you ran your pool pump.

Step 3

As already mentioned, many swimming pool builders oversize the pool pump for the volume of water for the swimming pool they are installing. For swimming pool clarity reasons, it is always better to have a higher HP pump then a lower HP pump, but for electricity consumption reasons it is just sucking on your monthly electricity bill.

In actual fact, reducing the horse power of the pool pump could actually cause the sand filter to perform a little better than with a larger pool pump. The sand filter will most likely now be oversized compared to your pool pump, but will be able to filter out your water a little more properly. Please contact us at Total Pool Solutions to get advice from an expert, ensuring that all calculation are done correctly; should you decide to go this route.

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Swimming Pool Maintenance

Don’t Be Fooled

Category : Tips & Tricks

Don’t Be Fooled,  because knowing the correct chemical combination for your swimming pools’ water balance is very important.

Pool Chemistry can help you save time and money while enjoying your backyard paradise. Accurate pool maintenance can do more than just prolong your fun in the sun. It also can extend the life of your pool’s external parts and interior pool finish.

Water Balance is the first step in getting your pool maintenance working for you. Because of the complexity of getting your pools’ water balance 100% accurate, it can become a very confusing and daunting task. We here at Total Pool Solutions uses knows how to apply pool chemistry to keep you pool water safe, soft on the skin and corrosion free.

Hidden Bugs. Many people neglect regular swimming pool maintenance during the winter season and leaving their pools unattended and although it all appears all nice and blue, the water could be very unhealthy and hazardous for your children and loved ones to swim in. The water could inhibit the growth of bacteria and other nasties that will hatch the moment the season turns, and the weather gets warmer.

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